Joy of Living (Moral Education)

Author: Pradeep Timalsina, Hritesh Shrestha

Subject: Moral Education

Grade: Four

Year: 2018


‘United’s Joy of Living’ is a series of eight books from grade I to grade VIII. It aims at refining the values, skills, attitudes and behaviours of students through the inculcation of core human values and knowledge of moral education.
This is a series of Moral Education with a difference! Each lesson of the series begins with Pre-reading Activities which are beneficial for understanding the text (Reading Section). Several types of questions ranging from objective, subjective and creative are included in the Exercise Section. The interesting questions in the Exercise Section also make an extensive evaluation of knowledge and comprehension skill, practical and research skill, analysis skill, and creativity skill of the students. Various types of project works are assigned for the students of grade IV to grade VIII. Such project works facilitate the students to learn through doing and give a clear sense of achievement and application of what they have understood.
The Inspiration-corner for senior students and Story-Time for junior students are innovative approaches of this series that contain a wide range of numerous moral, inspirational, real-life and motivational reading texts. These texts help the students to convey the eternal values making them able to live as a global citizen.

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